How does CloudPets connect with the App?

CloudPets connects to the APP using your Bluetooth 4.0 connection. You need to ensure your Bluetooth is turned on in your settings menu and within 30 feet of CloudPet.

There are two common reasons for Bluetooth troubles:
1. You can only connect your mobile device with your CloudPet through a child's profile. So if you are attempting to connect through your parent profile, switch to your child's and give it another try.
2. Because CloudPets use Low-Energy Bluetooth technology, you cannot connect the toy with your device through your device's system settings. You can only pair through the app.
Just in case, here are the Bluetooth connecting instructions:

For the iOS App 2.0:

  1. Make sure your CloudPet is turned on and nearby.
  2. Return to the app and tap the “Continue”
  3. Select the image that looks like your CloudPet. Give your CloudPet a name, and tap “Connect to your CloudPet.”
  4. The app will now search for, and connect to, your CloudPet. Once it’s found, confirm that your CloudPet’s heart is blinking, and tap “yes.”
  5. Squeeze the red symbol on your CloudPet’s right hand to confirm the connection.
  6. Depending on your CloudPet, the app might need to run a Firmware update. This is automatic and should only take a few minutes. At the end, you’ll be instructed to turn your CloudPet off and on again before continuing.

For the App 1.0:

1. Enable Bluetooth in your device.
2. Be sure your CloudPet is turned ON.
3. Open the CloudPets App and select a child's profile.
4. In the upper left corner of the child's profile, you will see a small, gray CloudPet icon. Under this icon, you should see that the app is scanning for the CloudPet. Once connected, the icon will become green.

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