Adding Friends | A Step-by-Step Guide

Adding Friends — 2.0 App for iPhone, iPad & Android | A Step-by-Step Guide

(*For the App 1.0 instructions, scroll down)

The CloudPets app is frequently updated, and these instructions might be slightly different from the latest version of the app.

  1. Log in to your parent account on the CloudPets App and tap “Manage Users.”
  2. Tap “Friend Permissions” near the top of the app, then click the “Invite Friends” button.
  3. Enter your friend’s email address, pick their relationship, then decide which child you’d like them to be able to message.
  4. When you’re done, tap “Send.”
  5. Your friend should now be listed as “Request Pending.”
  6. Your friend will get an email from CloudPets asking them to confirm their email address and sign up for a CloudPets account.
  7. Once your friend has created an account, you’ll see them in the friend list as a confirmed friend, and they’ll be able to send messages to your CloudPet, just like you can.

 Adding Friends — 1.0 App | A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Log in to the CloudPets app on your mobile device, and go to the Administrator Interface screen.
  2. Select "Manage Users." 
  3. You should see your child’s account. Tap the “Friends” link next to it.
  4. Now, select “Add a Friend.”
  5. Enter your friend’s name, their email address, pick their relationship, then assign a special color to their account.
  6. When you’re done, select “Save Friend.”
  7. Your friend should now be listed as “Pending.”
  8. Your friend will get an email from CloudPets, asking them to confirm their email address and sign up for a CloudPets account. Once they’ve done that, you’ll see them in the same list as a confirmed friend, and they’ll be able to send messages to your CloudPet. 

Becoming a Friend and Sending Messages to a Profile

If you would like to send messages to a CloudPet from anywhere in the world, you'll need to be added to a child's profile as a Friend. To do this, you'll first need to be invited by the child's parent or guardian who is in charge of approving messages before they're sent to the CloudPet. This person's device must be within 30 feet of the CloudPet. But you can send messages to a child's profile from anywhere, which this person can send to the CloudPet!

Once the parent/guardian invites you to become a Friend, you'll receive an email from CloudPets asking you to confirm your email address and sign up for a CloudPets account.

You'll then want to download the app, which you can reach by clicking either of the links below:


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  • 0
    Debra Henderson

    The user support for this device is terrible. I've done all of the above steps, and can see that I have 2 pending friends, but you've provided me no information on how to access them, since they don't magically appear as your online version 1.0 video indicates. Your version 2.0 video, with it's "all you've got to do" message is equally useless. Even the "was this article helpful?" buttons don't work.

  • 0
    cheryl saunders

    im have been trying to invited family to. it says that they will get an email and i know they have not. what do i need to do?? please help

  • 0

    I've sent multiple emails to the same 3 family members. now we contacted support and they basically sent me a email to reset my password. This toy is useless to my child if it doesn't allow the family members to leave messages.

  • 0

    It is really sad that someone in August wrote in complaining that they have friends pending & can't get them connected. Now fast forward to now, still same problem only difference a ton more people having the same problem. You would think this would be addressed by now. The toy is useless if you can't connect your family to it. Maybe some feedback from the company like " Sorry we are working on it" or "we have no idea how to fix this". But once again what do they care they have our money. I guess I'm going back to the store to return this. What a waste of time & energy. Great idea/concept. Terrible company!!

    Edited by Pred127400
  • 0

    This problem still hasn't been addressed. Last weekend I sent an email invite three times, none were received. So I walked grammy through the app install/registration and tried again. On my end the app shows "pending", with the recipient's registered username, but there's still no invite to accept on the other end. Even after multiple reinstalls.

  • 0

    I sent an email invite but none were received. How I can to fix it?

  • 0
    Vicky ballard

    I was given one of these for xmas as my partner is away alot but he never gets the email when I set up friend permissions

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